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Working hours: 11:00–24:00
31 Schepkina st.
Blue Rare — 45°C
Rare — 52°C
Medium Rare — 55°C
Medium 60°C
We love grilling, and we are good at it
45ºC to 60ºC are the temperature limits of a good steak.
Blue Rare
Barely grilled steak with the thinnest of crusts. A blue rare steak takes a little less than two minutes to cook, and timing is a matter of the utmost precision in this case. A choice of connoisseurs.
Juicy steak with a distinct red-colored stripe in the middle. It takes just a little more time on the grill for a slab of meat to get rare. Highly esteemed by the meat-loving crowd.
Medium Rare
A little more time on the grill, and that scarlet stripe inside the steak turns pink, and the red juice stops oozing. A choice of someone who’s heading in the right direction, but is not quite there yet.
The pink tones in the meat are gone, and the juice loses color. Works for those who exclude underdone foods from their diet. We respect this choice.
Every choice is the right choice
The art of doneness is our passion, but the menu at 45º/60º is not limited by steaks. We offer a solid range of mouth-watering dishes with meat, fish and seafood, and a good deal of vegetarian options, of course.
Dry Age Cabinet
A treasure for true meat lovers. In this chamber we process meat to enhance its natural taste. It’s achieved with specific air circulation, precise temperature of 0,+2ºC and humidity of 80-85%.
We believe that every little thing matters in a true gastronomic experience. That is why we have done our best to create a truly memorable atmosphere here at «45º/60º», with all the details aligned — from interiors to dinnerware, from the staff to the light works. Come over and see it for yourself!

Massaman curry with chicken and rice
450 rub.

Baked betroot salad with cheese
350 rub.

Roast shank of lamb
750 rub.

Apple pie
350 rub.

Classic burger
560 rub.

Tom Yum soup
400 rub.

Second hall

Summer terrace

Dry Aging Fridge.

Fillet mignon. Russia
2300 rub. for 250 g raw

Shortloin Steak. Russia, dry aging
550 rub. for 100 g raw.

Tomahawk steak (60 days in dry-aging chamber)
650 rub/100 gr

How to get to 45º/60º?